OzrynMC Rules

Chat rules :

Please keep language to English

Racism will not be tolerated

Homophobia or Homophobic comments will not be tolerated

Do not flood the chat (Spam or AFK)

Do not spam characters in chat

No Sexual comments

No Religious or Political talk in chat

Sexism is not tolerated

Advertising another server is not allowed

Do not beg staff members for items

Do not send links in chat or through discord in-game chat

Do not ask to be a member of staff, you can apply for staff on our website when applications are open.

General rules :

Griefing is not allowed

Do not claim land right next to another player without that players permission

No sexual or inappropriate builds

Stealing from another player is not allowed

Xray through a client or bug in game is not allowed

Hacked clients are not allowed

Duplicating items is not allowed

Exploiting bugs is not permitted

PVP is allowed however can be turned off using the command /pvp off if you would like to disable it

Lag rules :

There is a maximum of 15 villagers in one breeding hall.

There is a maximum of 35 villagers in a single trading hall

There is a maximum of 4 spawners per farm

There is a maximum of 30 hoppers per smelting machine and one smelting machine per 3 chunks

There is a maximum of 50 hoppers for every 5 chunks, this does not include smelting machines

Lag machines are not permitted

Flying machines are not permitted

If any player is found to be breaking these rules it may result in the player being warned/muted/banned depending on the rule being broken and the staff members view of the situation.

By playing on OzrynMC and being in this Discord server you are agreeing to these Rules and Terms of service which can be viewed on our website at shop.ozrynmc.net/tos